What is your talent, after all?

Easy, dear reader! If you couldn’t answer the question above with the same promptness you would say which is your hearted team or what is your favourite music style, that doesn’t mean you are not a talented person.


This subject demands attention and 90% of the people wouldn’t have the answer on the tip of the tongue. But this is something to think about, as in a society that is used to valuing talented people and on which companies say they dedicate themselves to attract, develop and retain talents, seems like to not identify a special talent in yourself has became some kind of deadly sin. To demystify the subject it is useful to remember a few principles. Having a talent doesn’t mean to be born with a superior intelligence, an artistic ability or an unique quality. Talent is not a gift that comes with birth. Talent is developed with practice, for which time and persistence are demanded.


Every person has the innate capacity of improvement. Everyone can become very good on a subject or activity and then be considered a talent. Finding your own talent depends, in part, on life opportunities and, in part, on personal determination. In the HR’s world, a talented professional is the one who, despite of his good performance, doesn’t acommodate and keeps searching for more learning and improvement.


Talent is the capacity of making a job well done, to learn relatively easily a subject and, above all, to feel pleasure doing what you do. Therefore, being a talent is more allied to the field of the personal choices than to destiny determinism – opposing what many think. It is almost impossible not to be considered a talent after having dedicated part of your life to a work with commitment, determination and affection. If you haven’t found your talent yet, let it find you.

Give it a chance. It could be camouflaged in any worthy work that gives you the feeling of being useful. A job that gives meaning to life is more than just a job, it is a mission, and it it also the protein that will give body to your asleep talent.


Translation: Melissa Mussak ([email protected])